Your Personal Brand consists of

  • Application documents (CV, work certificates, competency profile, project descriptions)
  • Your profiles on public platforms such as LinkedIn and XING
  • Your entries on search engines (e.g. Google, Bing)
  • Your press coverage

When re-staffing existing or filling new positions, recruiters and hiring personnel invest only an average of 43 seconds in the initial screening process of a candidate in the talent acquisition process. (Source: StepStone Österreich, 2018)

We know what current and potential employers are looking for and how to target your personal brand accordingly.


Your application documents such as

• CV
• Competency profile
• Project descriptions

Your public appearances such as

• XING Profile
• LinkedIn Profile
• Press
• any other public information about you

The goal is to showcase a professional, sharpened and goal-oriented presentation of yourself along with your previously achieved successes and abilities.


A person's personal brand is based on more than 50 different elements.

The complexity of an individuals professional life is broken down into various elements such as training, further education, professional career and experience, expertise, skills, person and administrative framework.

We keep finding that in many professional procedures e.g. the recruitment process, this complexity is only partially reflected both by the candidates as well as the hiring managers.

MG|VITAE sets out to assist the candidate side in preparing the previously stated elements in such a professional, meticulous and purposeful manner, that managers want to get acquainted with the candidate and hire them after simply reading the application documents. In addition, your public appearances on XING, LinkedIn and press coverage must be designed and synchronized with your documents, resulting in external acceptance and recognition reaching new dimensions.

Due to the close cooperation with companies in various industries, we know what potential employers are looking for and how the market reacts to your public information.



Due to our many years of experience in the industry, we understand the challenges that potential applicants face. In our experience, only 10 percent of people assign the necessary amount of attention and importance to their personal brand, aspects crucial for convincing companies of their value. We follow a method which we have developed for the evaluation and processing of all necessary information and documents. The Generic Ideal Profile (GIP)TM method divides an individual into the following elements: education and training, professional career, work experience, expertise, skills and person, thereby making the complexity of the professional life of an individual controllable whilst showing a comprehensive picture of them.

For this we offer four different packages, each tailored to your individual needs:

We evaluate your documents such as your CV, project list, competency profile, XING profile, LinkedIn profile, using the Generic Ideal Profile (GIP)TM Method. Each element such as person, expertise, skills, work experience, professional career, training, further education is rated on a scale of 0-10. Your CV, project list, competency profile, XING and LinkedIn profiles are reviewed in market comparison and your personal brand will receive an overall rating.
Extended analysis
In addition to your documents and public profiles, we also analyze your public appearances as well as publicly available information about you on the Internet. For this purpose, we refer to the search engines Google and Bing furthermore we conduct a comprehensive press analysis.
List of recommendations
After the changes have been made, documents and public profiles are reevaluated. Subsequently a new analysis and evaluation report detailing the renewed assessment of the application documents and public profiles will be transmitted.
Explanation of the analysis and evaluation report in a conference call with a MAGNIGROUP Senior Partner or Manager. Duration 45 Minutes.
New analysis and evaluation report
After changes have been made, documents and public profiles will be reevaluated. Subsquently a new analysis and evaluation report regarding the renewed assesment of the applicaiton documents and public profiles will be transmitted.
Explanation of the analysis and evaluation report in a second conference call with a MAGNIGROUP Senior Partner or Manager. Duration 45 Minutes.
Individual career consultation
As part of the Executive Package, we have several conversations with you regarding your professional goals, self-assessment of your professional strengths, your potential, relevant markets as well as your medium-term (national & international) professional opportunities. If deemed necessary, we also verify your public image via contacts and references named by you.


As a result of the evaluation your documents and profiles, you will receive an individual analysis and evaluation report from us.

The report contains the evaluation of your documents and profiles based on various criteria. These elements produce partial evaluations for the three following blocks:

  • Application documents (consisting of resume, list of projects and competency profile)
  • XING Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile

For each rated item you will receive a personal comment, justifying the rating and giving suggestions for improvement.

From the three partial evaluations, we generate an overall assessment (weighted according to relevancy of category), justified by a final, overall comment. The final evaluation is presented in form of a graphical representation of the evaluation elements across all the criteria.

MG|VITAE - Ergebnisdokumente

The days of the one-sided, short, concise resume are coming to an end.
We help you display your previously successful career, professional experience, expertise, skills, training and further education as well as you as an individual thereby reaching new dimensions of professionalism, meticulousness and direction. Our offer is not standardized. Every individual, career and personal goal is different and unique, and we will therefore treat them accordingly.

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"When I originally started working on my own personal brand, I felt that my CV as well as my XING and LinkedIn Profiles were well shaped. But I wanted to get a second opinion and decided to use the services of MAGNIGROUP. My documents were professionally analyzed in a very structured way and a comparison was made with "Best practice“-cases. Next I was guided through a step by step revision of my documents and the sharpening of my profile. Through regular and meticulous interim checks and personal feedback, I can now also call my documents: “Best practice". I highly recommend the service of MAGNIGROUP."

- CFO in Swiss IT industry, 48 years old, Goal: New challenge

"The very professional and optimal support, through the personal consultation and with a 360 degree view, advised me on the ideal optimization of my documents and virtual appearance."

- Sales Executive from DACH, 47 years old, Goal: Update all documents

"The understandable presentation and revelation of my white spots was very enlightening. Another puzzle piece could be added to the already long-standing professional cooperation with MAGNIGROUP."

- Talent Acquisition Manager of a German software company, 30 years old, Goal: Update all documents and profiles

"After years of cooperating with MAGNIGROUP as a client of their human resources consulting services, it was natural for me to turn to the organization, for them to analyze and optimize my personal brand. In several intensive discussions, MAGNIGROUP showed me where there were shortcomings in my application documents as well as my public profiles on LinkedIn and XING. Subsequently they supported me in the process of optimizing the documents and profiles. The achieved results now show my expertise, my skills, my competencies, my professional experience and me as a person in a very professional manner.

Without the sparring with this organization, I would not have achieved these final result."

- Executive from the IT-Industry, 50 years old, Goal: Optimization of the personal brand

Legal Safeguards

MAGNIGROUP‘s way of working differs from that of other personnel consultancies. We do not work with one extensive database and are therefore not interested in putting application documents on hold. We guarantee that your documents, which are processed within the business unit MG|VITAE, will not be used within the business unit of MG|HUMANCAPITAL.

If you are interested you will receive a confidentiality agreement before the start of the process, which is subsequently signed digitally by both parties. This protects your documents and our “intellectual property”, as we are not interested in our methods and content being passed on to our competitors.

Professionalism, integrity and trust are part of our corporate culture and a matter of honor for us.

We hope they are for you too.

Added Value

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In an agile and fast-paced world, there is too little time and space to consider and present your professional persona, meticulously and goal-oriented in your documents, such as your CV, competency profile, project description as well as in your public appearances, such as your XING and LinkedIn profiles along with other public information.

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Based on more than 10 years of experience in the area of human resource consulting, with more than 650 placements, thousands of application documents and public information, we can help you design your personal brand so that both your current and future employer will be impressed. We analyze your education and training, professional career and experience, expertise, skills and you as an individual methodically and present you with the necessary information needed for you to optimize, sharpen and align them towards professional success.

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Each person receives a customized offer and in a downstream process a corresponding invoice. The form and content of the administrative documents have been approved and released by one of the Big4 auditing companies.

The costs are tax deductible as business expenses (§9 Abs. 1 Satz 1 EStG/German Income Tax Act).